Batman Arkham Asylum Demo spotted

Batman Arkham Asylum Demo spotted at Gamestop in Niles, Ohio on a PS3.

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Bob Dole3515d ago

Gotta check that sh1t out!

mugoldeneagle033515d ago

I can't wait to try the demo. I haven't played a decent Batman game since Batman Returns on my Genesis

jay23515d ago

They need to say a lot more on the new Batman game, otherwise it'll go the way of Madword.

ColossiSlayer3515d ago

i played it last night @ Target on City Line in Philly, it kinda plays like 1 Player Marvel Ultimate Alliance

sarshelyam3515d ago

Plays nothing like it and is far more responsive. The counter system is flawless and easy to perform making us all feel like the badass Batman really is.

Natsu X FairyTail3424d ago

i did not play mua but i did play arkam asylum demo in a wal mart and its was outstanding i really enjoy it

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