Game Over: Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage Review

Game Over writes: "For those who do not know, for those who have not yet completed Fallout 3, here's a quickie spoiler: Fallout 3 ends at the end of the primary mission tree. Unlike, say, Oblivion, where after completing the final primary mission you were free to continue to wander the countryside killing random monsters, searching dungeons, and fine-tooth combing for side quests you may have missed, Fallout 3 rolls a movie, some credits, and ends. Operation Anchorage does nothing to change that. You can't take your completed Fallout 3 game and continue that character into Operation Anchorage (OA). You have to instead use some earlier save game and play with that. OA does not move the level cap beyond the present 20 either. In every sense, OA is just an extended side quest, not as long as saving Timmy from the fire ants, which tells the story of the liberation of Alaska from the Chinese by an American counterattack just prior to the nuclear war. "

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