Game Over: Resident Evil 5 Review

Game Over writes: "Resident Evil is about fear; that single, paralyzing emotion that is designed to prevent human beings from placing themselves in harm's way. Some view it as the original human defense mechanism, a thing to be embraced and heeded while others view it as a roadblock toward the pursuit of happiness. Some even enjoy and revel being in its grip, with phenomena such as horror movies and rollercoaster rides proving this very notion. Capcom tapped into this primal urge in 1996 when they released the original Resident Evil for the PSX and watched as legions of gamers embraced their fear and confronted the unspeakable horrors that awaited them inside the Arklay Mansion in the fictional Midwestern town of Raccoon City. It was a "haunted house" experience in its purest form, with a bit of George Romero and H.G. Wells influence mixed in for the sheer jolt factor. It was also an instant success."

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