Game Over: Killzone 2 Review

Game Over writes: "I've been itching to play Killzone 2 ever since I saw that infamous E3 2005 trailer showing what developers Guerilla Games had in store for the then-announced PlayStation 3. It was a benchmark that was going to be scrutinized for the next few years. The opinions around the first chapter of Killzone on PlayStation 2 were mixed. It never lived up to the billing of "Halo Killer" and instead ended up being a rather generic first-person shooter, though Guerilla was laying down a foundation in terms of gameplay, art direction and multiplayer content. Not to also forget Killzone: Liberation on the PSP was a surprise hit as well. It's time now for Guerilla Games to pull back the curtain on its long-awaited sequel, and show off how you use the PlayStation 3 to its full potential."

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