GiantBomb: RPG Corner: Drakensang Is Quite The Surprise

GiantBomb writes: "I don't know about you but as a primarily PC gamer I've developed a somewhat unhealthy addiction to checking Steam for new games every week. Maybe it's boredom and maybe it's just the hope that something, anything will come out for the platform during these usually dry gaming months in Spring. About a month ago I noticed a RPG release from German developer Radon Labs called Drakensang. I was immediately skeptical. First of all it's $30 and as a rule I never trust new releases that don't come out at standard market prices. Low prices are usually the sign of low-quality, budget gaming. Second, the game is tied to some universe my narrow-minded DnD brain had not heard of before: The Dark Eye. I could point you to some hefty documentation about what The Dark Eye encompasses, but for now, just assume it's the German version of a Dungeons and Dragons system."

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