Bungie Weekly Update: 04/03/09

Bungie writes:

"Finishing up our six week look at the custom Sandbox content we're going to be wedging into Matchmaking finds us taking a peek at "Vindicitve." Though we showcased six Map Variants in this space, that doesn't mean these are the only offerings we're going to put on display. We've got a few more tricks up our sleeves. But as we mentioned last week, the magician's hat is yours. Let's see what you can pull out of it once you've gotten your hands on Sandbox.

Once again, this week's Map Variant comes to us by way of Shishka. And once again, he graced us with a moment of his time to talk about his map, the process that went into it, and whether or not he's still selling his truck."

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rbluetank3514d ago

i hope you guy's can make your map look more realistic instead of looking like the BEDROCK condominiums in the flintstone cartoons. this game is set in the future.??? why is everything made of bedrock??