Wired Preview: Lego My MMO: A Universe of Virtual Bricks

Wired writes: "'How do we come up with a digital brick?'

There have been many games that use the Lego brand over the years, but the toys were mostly used as a clever visual style: Lego Star Wars, for example. But Mark Hansen, senior director of Lego's Digital Play studios, is tasked with coming up with a game that does what the tiny colored bricks have done for more than 70 years - unleash a player's innate creativity."

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xabmol3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

*insert pic from scanners movie here*

This is... BRILLIANT!!

LEGOs are still my favorite toy. I used to have so many as a kid. An MMO that lets you build with legos would be awesome. I just hope they let you build any thing "SecondLife style" and not just make customizations with your legos.