inFAMOUS Info Released!

New inFAMOUS information released! Pick this one up June '09.

What would you do if you were suddenly linked to the destruction of half of a city, caught in the middle of organized crime and a deteriorating law enforcement? What if this was all linked to the superpowers you suddenly developed?

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STONEY43517d ago

What's new about this info? This is all stuff we already know.

erathaol3517d ago

-Organic City Ecology, which allows the citizens of Empire City to react and evolve depending on your actions throughout the game

I think he finds that new and interesting. Although, the Sucker Punch alluded to it when the Karma System info was being spread across the net. Maybe there's going to be extra emphasis on it. As in what parts of story and which missions are available to you based on your current Karma score. I'm just guessing.

Bnet3433517d ago

I wanted Sly 4 .... :(

Polluted3517d ago

@Kigmal: Really? Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited about InFamous as the next guy, but I don't get all this "Sucker Punch are gods" talk. I never enjoyed any of the Sly games. The levels seemed poorly laid out to me (in the one I played) and the whole series was definitely aimed at kids.

Then again, I thought the same thing about Naughty Dog before Uncharted came out and they certainly proved they were more than a one trick pony. Something tells me InFamous will be good enough to silence even those old school Sly fans who were hoping for Sly 4...and Sly 4 WILL come eventually.

celldomceen13517d ago

nothing new here move along.

myothercar3517d ago

Request article title change:

"Infamous info RE-RELEASED, meh"

Panthers3517d ago

inFamous!!!!!! Gunna be SIC!!!!

Kappa Mikey3517d ago

yes first day buy for me!

cmrbe3517d ago

It good there is little or no hype about this game because when it arrives. Its going to blow people away.

SRuN43517d ago

Wow! What great NEW info. /sarcasm

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