PlayStation 3 Outsells Wii In Japan For Second Month In A Row

For the past two months, Sony's PlayStation 3 has outsold the Wii. It hasn't outsold it by the impressive margins that Nintendo was doing in Japan, when it was selling six Wiis for every PS3 sold, but Sony's higher priced platform is currently holding its own. Since the Wii got so much press for its massive sales in 2008, we'd expect that Sony is enjoying its time in the sun.

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ape0073515d ago

good to see sony get thier act in japan

go sony

Braineater24483515d ago

Yea I agree. Maybe Japan will pick it up and bring us some more quality titles.

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Saigon3515d ago

I remember someone PM'ed me because they did not like a statement i made a week ago because I stated that I was surprised to see that sony has out sold the wii in japan so far for 2009...Well looking at the facts...I am still surprised...I also stated that I hope this was because the wii has not had a blockbuster game in a while and I was hoping this was not a new trend...if this is a new trend...I hope nintendo has an answer (price drop)...

dragunrising3515d ago

Bubbles and Kudos

You said nothing wrong. Its crazy that some people get so upset over console sales...:-p

Personally, I think the Wii market in Japan is saturated. In other words, most people that wanted one already have one. I expect new colors and "DVD" functionality being added sometime soon. A price drop would help sales a little but Nintendo needs to show the software. Monster Hunter for the Wii might be the game that gets people to buy Wii's again.

Also, its great the PS3 is selling well in Japan. Lets hope that more gems like White Knight Chronicles and Yakuza 3 get made and brought over to the West.

IdleLeeSiuLung3515d ago

Good for Sony! Now we just need the Wii sales to slump! I hate the Wii, yet I own one....

rockleex3515d ago

Equals more Japanese games being released on the PS3! ^_^

Yay! We might be getting more and more JRPGs and other unique Japanese-type games soon! Kind of like what the PS2 had! ^_^

Oh yea... Team Ico... O_O

Fox013515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Good news. Phuck the Wii, hail the HD consoles.

neogeo3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Hi kids! do you like cartoon games? Wanna play on a system that doesn't do HD and the Graphics are lame?

jav09183515d ago

very close to every person in Japan has a wii and they got tired of it...time to move on.

Omegasyde3515d ago

In Japan, Software sells consoles.

Everywhere else price sells consoles.

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Omegasyde3515d ago


Why would there be a price cut, when the thing is selling well at the price its at?

Your logic is skewed.

talltony3515d ago

Mart chooses not to comment on articles like these. I wonder why?

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