Dear Sony: Do The PSP Better!

GotGame writes: "Sony assured gamers that 2009 would be a big year for the PSP. Can you tell? Here we are, almost into the second quarter, and the horizon still looks foggy for the platform. With its multitude of multimedia capabilities beyond gaming, we've yet to determine just what type of device it is.

In this week's Robot Punch!, we explore the current state of the PSP and what issues Sony should consider if they truly intend to support the console as promised."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

You download PSP games for free and yet continue to beg Sony for PSP support? Ha. Hahahaha. Ha. Ha.

N4Sony3542d ago

Pirates basically ruined it. Sony will be doing the PSP2 way of better prevention of piracy.

Polluted3542d ago

What's wrong with the PSP? Since GoW: CoO released they've had a steady flow of quality games coming out with at least one megaton release every three months or so. What's it going to take for people to stop preaching this "PSP is doomed" nonsense?

The PSP is the only console I can think of other than those made by Nintendo that's made any headway in the handheld market at all. Bottom line, PSP makes money. If Sony were hemmorraging cash left and right trying to keep it afloat I could understand calling it a failure. Holding a respectable 2nd place behind the juggernaut that is the Nintendo DS is not something to be ashamed of.

PotNoodle3542d ago

Can't wait for LBP portable.. i may actually buy myself a PSP 3000 - i have the original model from launch, didn't use it much after the first few months and the last time i used it was for God of war.

Great, great system - great games, just i don't like taking such things around with me so i always feel like i'm wasting my time with it.

XxZxX3542d ago

so much complain to sony lately. I think sony should just let the consumer run their business instead... just like Star Wars Galaxy

Kyur4ThePain3542d ago

I sometimes wish Sony would pull out of gaming all together so certain punks can be stuck with the crap they obviously want.

darkdoom30003542d ago

Theres quite a lot of awesome PSP games out this year

-Resistance Retribution
-Kingdom Hearts: BBS
-FFXIII: Agito
-Monster Hunter Unite(?)
-Little Big Planet Portable
-Motorstorm Artic Edge
-Jak and Daxter

^a lot better than last years lineup (CC,GOW...)

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The story is too old to be commented.