Mortal Kombat Team Wants to Split from Midway

Gamer Limit writes "Perhaps in a first for the gaming industry, a development team wants to split and take their flagship franchise with them. It has been revealed that the team behind the seventeen year old Mortal Kombat franchise has grown increasingly frustrated with the way that Midway is handling their bankruptcy problems. The Mortal Kombat team is in talks with other publishers, and wants to leave Midway for what they hope can only be a better working environment."

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chrisjc3516d ago

Mortal Kombat hasn't been good since 3.

Panthers3516d ago

Yup. They replaced the fun fast paced button mashing with boring slow combo crap.

UnwanteDreamz3516d ago

If these guys are responsible for the last 3 or 4 MK titles then Mortal Kombat needs a split from them.

Cloud-14093516d ago

After Trilogy the series went downhill...

AcesAndEights3516d ago

If they are going to make another game of the level of MK vs. DC, I hope Midway keeps it and they have to try and be original and creative.

syvergy3516d ago

I'm not surprised really.

Andrew Wiggin3516d ago

I've given up on this franchise anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.