Gizmodo: Nintendo DSi Review

Gizmodo writes: "With the Gameboy, Nintendo revolutionized handheld gaming and conquered the world. And with the DS/DS Lite, they pretty much did it again. The DSi is not the next revolution, but it's an intriguing evolution."

+ Why You'd Want to Upgrade:

• You want access to DSiWare (downloadable mini games/apps)
• The DS Lite feels too narrow for your hands
• You're a screen real estate whore
• Nintendo will release full games that have DSi-specific functionality
• You like new things

- Why You'd Want to Stick with the DS Lite:

• The DS Lite is $130 ($40 cheaper than the DSi)
• It accepts old R4 cards and other ROM loaders
• Longer battery life (19 hour max vs. 14 hour max)
• You're racist and only want to play on a white console

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