Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is now Smash Hits

Activision must have been under tremendous pressure to develop an empirical method of determining the greatest songs in the Guitar Hero series for Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits. It would be difficult to pick the determining factors: fan votes? Number of notes? Length? Sales as DLC? Sales of the original record? Some kind of measure of volunteers' brain activity while playing? It's a big question. And what if songs came out after the release of the collection that were even greater than the Greatest Hits? Then the title would be a lie!

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Maxned3517d ago

Ill get this if they include Freebird.

2paclives3517d ago

I won't. Freebird is a overated redneck song.

takohma3517d ago

lol that was funny. ill get it if you can useyour drums for all the songs. i brought GH:WT and i can only use my metalica album. wut about the other 40 songs i brought. activision fvcked me pretty bad. ill get GH:metalica when its used. screwsupporting them. it rockband forever now. complete song export for every song.except 1. now thats impressive.