Running with Scissors' Vince Desi Talks Postal 3 and Postal Babes Games

The always controversial and humorous Vince Desi, founder of Postal developer Running with Scissors, dishes new details on the future of the franchise. In addition to a new PC and Xbox 360 Postal 3 game, Desi's talking to Nintendo to bring Postal Babes to Nintendo DS. Ever wonder how they get those Postal Babes to strip? Read on for all the details and enjoy the views.

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Kakkoii3514d ago

Yeah can't wait for the Postal 3 game. 1 and 2 were awesome.

DNAgent3514d ago

Postal 3 will be nothing like the first 2 games. Postal 3 is in 3rd person and everything will be toned down a lot for the console release. They have trailers up and so far it looks horrible. I'll be passing on this game as it won't be up to par with the previous games and it just doesn't look as fun.

Kakkoii3513d ago

Looks good to me, I don't really care if it's 3rd person. And also don't care if it's toned down on consoles, because I'll be playing it on my PC, as usual :)

DNAgent3514d ago

The first 2 games were good but this 3rd games takes it a new direction with it being in 3rd person plus it will be toned down a lot since it's coming to consoles (just like the newest Leisure Suit Larry game). I'll be passing on this garbage. Hopefully it never comes out as it will just be a stain on the series (and it will fall in the line with numerous other games that have ruined their own series like DMC4, new Crash Bandicoot games, new Sonic games, FF games by Square-Enix, and the list just goes on from there).

Postal 3 is garbage and it will obviously flop (at least the PC version should have mods so you can probably make it as fun as the others but console version will be mediocre and a waste of time).

Cajun Chicken3514d ago

Can't wait for this. This is going to be so mega controversial when it comes out.

I still 'play' Postal 2 to this very day.

Magna Farta3513d ago

Postal 2 was hilarious, and the movie was actually very funny. I'm looking forward to this, but don't hold your breath for a PS3 version, or even a decent 360 version.