GeekDad Review: My Do It All

GeekDad writes: "I've always been intrigued by the various attempts to turn Nintendo's handheld consoles into productivity devices. Ever since the days of the Gameboy Color camera and printer it's seem like we've been on the edge of something really useful - while at the same time really cumbersome.

However, My Do It All on the DS is the first time for me that this has been more than a novelty. Don't let the kiddie look and feel fool you. The playful visuals and interactions are actually a great demonstration of how to use the DS for something other than games.

My kids have long been intrigued by the black plastic devices that Daddy was always staring at and fiddling with. Now they have played My Do It All they can see for themselves something of the fascination. What's more they leant a lot about being organised along the way. Here's my parent's guide for the game."

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