Playstation 3: Welcome to the big time writes:

Since the launch of the Playstation 3, fans of Sony's long running gaming line have taken pride in their purchase of the latest machine to hit the market. As many know, during a launch many kinks have to be worked out, and games are far and few between. For the 1st twelve months, Sony actually pushed out over 80 games on their console, compared to the less than 30 the Xbox 360 showcased in its first year.

While there were definately more games, most titles were very lackluster, and ports from other consoles such as PC and 360 were less than stellar. We are now well over 2 years into the life cycle, and the tides have definately turned.

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T-What3519d ago

Good article, I didn't know the PS3 had more games then the 360 for its first year.

BIOSHOT3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

yes it did but 360 owners believes it has no games well back to my 3 consoles bye players.