Are You a Game Pirate? France Would Like a Word

Ps3 Informer writes:

"France is about to take a particularly tough stance on piracy. The government has approved passage of a law which will make it illegal for any internet user to download copyrighted material over file-sharing networks. According to some sources, one in three of France's 30 million web users admit to downloading music, films or video games on the Internet with some 450,000 movie copies a day downloaded in France during 2008."

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clinker3545d ago

ISPs in America would never agree to this scheme because there are too many of them. If only some agreed to ban their own users for piracy, they would lose money to the other, shadier ISPs.

Fox013545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Piracy is bad, mkay. Kids, don't pirate, do drugs instead.

xabmol3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

God that makes me sick.

Why can't we pay people who actually work a decent wage, but we can pay some douche millions to say "cheese?" The writers, editors, and directors all deserve more money than what those over glorified #&%@*&! get.

*mad face* = 60 million

Years of hard work at a company = Forced retirement and debt

It's just sad.

3545d ago
Drano3545d ago

Sarkozy is giving it all to make life hellish in France. But hey... France's never been lucky in their choices for presidents, they have a nice selection of gangsters, crooks, fachists, compulsive liars and suspicious candidates for Presidency.

"Vive la République", indeed.

Jump Beyond.

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ShabzS3545d ago

what? illegal to download torrents or p2p files.. that sucks

doctorstrange3545d ago

if 10 million people are doing it?
they cant exactly sue them all

RememberThe3573545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

and make an example out of them. That's probably the approach they're going to take.

@below: I know, f*ck that! Good thing I'm not French...

clinker3545d ago

according to the article, the Internet company will turn off you rinternet access for a certain amount of time (6 months) and you still have to pay!

xabmol3545d ago

It just takes a few small changes in the way we advertize and BOOM-BAM "problem" solved.

This video is a bit long, but I really enjoyed it and think you may enjoy it

FragMnTagM3545d ago

But he had some pretty damn good points. I actually watched the whole thing.

noxeven3545d ago

so just cancel the sub and go to another thats all id do or just find ways around it. lol there are always ways

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