ATI's Radeon 4890 kicks NVIDIA where it hurts

Ars: "Another month, another round of GPUs, and ATI's HD 4890 may preview more than just a respun 4870 with bells and whistles. Could we be seeing the early shape of the 40nm shift?"

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Marcus Fenix3513d ago

thank god we don't have a Nvidia vs ATI war goin on here

y0haN3513d ago

The GTX 275 is cheaper, is as good or better in most games, and they have PhysX. I'd still go Nvidia.

ChickeyCantor3513d ago

Well I never owned an ATI card, but didnt they create a new kind of library called OpenCL? That was meant for physics?

iistuii3513d ago

Nvidia 4 me, the driver problems on ATI go back a long way, don't trust them, sticking with Nvidia.

Marcus Fenix3513d ago

I think both Nvidia and ATI can easily draw a big smile on ur face, not sure if ur wallet will be smiling, XBOX 360 and PS3 games here priced at 60$ approx, that's a bit high but still in the reasonable stage, however banned games r priced higher than that, I got COD 4 and GTA IV (both banned games) from the black market at 105$ each, but thank god my country (Saudi Arabia) isn't affected by the recession.

-Venom-3513d ago

The gtx275 beats the 4890 at most benchmarks check on

bviperz3512d ago

and don't even get the 290 involved. I don't think even the Xeon can keep up wit that bad boy.