AnalogHype Review: Resident Evil 5

AH writes: "Africa! It is the birthplace of all life and civilization. It has been plagued through out recent history with afflictions such as poverty, war, and illness. In Resident Evil 5, a plague of the biological variety is the focus. Following on the epic success of Resident Evil 4, the fifth installment to the legendary Resident Evil series is its first time on current generation consoles (excluding the Wii re-release of the previously mentioned Resident Evil 4). With more capable hardware and the extremely high bar that Resident Evil 4 set, this game has some high expectations to meet. Simply improving visuals and giving a new story would not be enough to meet said expectations either. Luckily for us, Capcom knows this and takes this challenge on by making some crucial additions and advancements. They seem to be on a mission this generation continually releasing quality titles. As you may have guessed already, this game is good. So how good is Resident Evil 5? Read on to find out."

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...that was a great review.