Feed Your Console Great White North Gears Edition

Feed Your Console writes:

Canadian nights in early April are usually temperate and hover around the freezing point (0°C or 32°F for our US friends), but last night things got significantly colder around here. I'm talking about Jade hosting the Gears of War 2 Canadian Gamer night featuring the Snowblind Map Pack (referred to as the "Great White North Gears" in the Xbox forums) DLC. A great time was had by all... now lets get down to the business of reviewing these maps.

Gameplay will be one you're already comfortable with, nothing much has changed in the way of sound effects, weaponry or controls. What you are going to find is visually you will see a light but continual snowfall slightly obscuring your vision and an even more grey environment.

The Map pack is extremely small in size - only 83MB for all 4 maps, compared to the 116MB for Halo 3 Cold Storage Map (yeah 1 map) and the 485MB for the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack. For 800 MS points these maps will not disappoint.

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