Gaming and the Core i7

GrE writes, "To start things off, yes I know the Core i7 is overkill. But I really wanted it and refused to build a machine without the i7 at it's heart. For the one person who reads this article and has no clue what I am talking about, the Intel Core i7 processor is Intel's latest in the Core series of processors and represents a minor shift in architecture design. For those of you not interested in processor design, skip to the end of this paragraph. The i7 is based on the Nehalem microarchitecture which is capable of higher performance for both single and multithreaded tasks. This architecture also has an estimated 15 - 20 % increase in performance clock-for-clock over the Penryn-based architecture of the Core2 series of processors. The i7 can only use non-ECC DDR3 Tri-Channel memory and has completely dropped the Front-Side Bus in favor of the Intel QuickPath Interconnect interface. Estimates place the performance increase of almost double that capable on the 1600 MHz FSB used in the X48 chipset. The final piece is the entire Core i7 line reimplemented Hyper-threading. Each of the four cores on the CPU is capable of executing at most two threads simultaneously, causing the OS to view the CPU as having eight cores."

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CrAppleton3518d ago

Well.. you all know I'm not a huge fan of PC gaming, but this really does look like overkill

roblef3518d ago

It's more future proof at least!

CrAppleton3518d ago

That is very true.. but then again.. NOTHING in PC is future proof ;-)

reluctant_gamer3518d ago

Awww... you finally grew up and got a real computer. Nice going. And I agree, it is overkill.

Neco5123518d ago

Yup, sure looks like overkill to me too. But it would be nice to have that kind of power

roblef3518d ago

It's like building a gaming rig that will last through the NEXT gen of games.

Spolodaface3518d ago

A bit too technical for me, but blue news is good news.

supercharger51503518d ago

I say build and play/do what you want. If you can afford it, there's no stopping you. Now play the crap out of it to make it worth it! :P

krouse933518d ago

Seriously I wonder how long until Sony and IBM and Toshiba put the Cell into computers.

sloth4urluv3517d ago

I would think if any company would it would prolly be Mac.
Macs ran on IBM PowerPC for a while. Ive always invisioned macs as more embeded systems than PCs, which is why I believe they would be the best to take advantage of it because they would design their software around it.
Most PC software is designed to be generic though, so I doubt a windows implementation would really utilize it very well, its a trade off between performance/compatibillity.

thezuur3517d ago


and here:

WinFast PxVC1100

based on Toshiba's SpursEngine SE1000 processor, which is a cut-down version of the Cell chip. The SpursEngine chip features four SPEs (synergistic processing elements) based on 128-bit RISC cores, along with H.264 and MPEG-2 codecs, but it doesn't contain its own CPU as the chip in the PS3 does. The chip is capable of encoding and decoding H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video streams in hardware.

and here:

sloth4urluv3516d ago

Yeah, already seen that, but its not really being used as the computers CPU, its more an accelerator card.

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