TouchArcade: A Quick Look at '3D SpinBall' from MegaNudge

One of the first graphical video games ever made was Pong. Two lines and a dot. It was about as simple as you could get, but fun. In today's world of powerful processors and advanced graphics hardware, the Pong equation can be taken a little farther. Evidence of this is 3D SpinBall [App Store] from MegaNudge Entertainment.

3D SpinBall is Pong in 3D with a little English thrown into the mix. The player stares down a rectangular corridor with the opponent's paddle at the far end and his/her own translucent paddle in the foreground. Using accelerometer or touch controls, the task at hand is to deflect a ball towards the computer opponent and, with the help of a bit of spin, trip it up and score some points.

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