Sony To Dump Best Selling Console This Year?

"It was October 26, 2000 when Sony released its second gaming console, the PlayStation 2. The PS2 was the first console to include DVD playback as well as use DVDs for its gaming software. Being able to playback movies wasn't the only thing Sony's PS2 was good for, but the games are what made it the success it is today. It is almost 9 years later and the PS2 is still going strong along with the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and its successor the PlayStation 3. There was a few times after the release of Sony's PS3, where the PS2 outsold it. Currently, you don't see that happen as often. I'm sure this question has been in the mind of gamers since the release of current generation platforms. Will 2009 be the final year of the PS2?"

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TheColbertinator3518d ago

Doubt it.Guitar Hero,Madden and FIFA still make an immense profit on the PS2.

Nick2120043518d ago

I wonder how long Sony will continue to experience success with the PS2.

UnwanteDreamz3518d ago

It depends on your idea of success. I hate articles that have titles that end in a question. Speculation speculation...

CaseyRyback_CPO3518d ago

they are even on cnn these days.

Nick2120043518d ago

Without the question mark it would be considered official

UnwanteDreamz3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I know it would and that is kind of my point. If they are going to speculate why not just start a thread on some forum somewhere.

Just my 2 cents though.

@ Casey right back at ya

Marcelles253518d ago

TEN YEAR VISION is what sony said from there simple math.

Ju3518d ago

They'll sell it forever. Well, until they'll stop selling it. What gives? If they'll make money off of it, why would they stop selling it ? There will always be a low level entry market. I don't believe they can produce this cheaper then the $100 price now, but I mean you only get cheaper crap which is worth nothing. They might get dumped together later with that cheap China crap (no offense) at some point, but that's around since forever.

pain777pas3518d ago

The PS2 can't die for me and never will. I have a 60gig PS3 meaning I have BC. Playing Suidoken 5 with FAQ(I don't care I still enjoy the game, even more maybe) and Rogue Galaxy when I want to switch things up. Seriously I could continue to play some games I didn't get a chance to play like forgive me Okami and Dark cloud 2. I don't know about anyone else but depending on the art style some games just don't look dated at all and are much longer than today's games.

ChozenWoan3518d ago

... then they will begin to really push the envelope with the PS3.

I just wish they would open up dev kits and tools for the PS2 so that Homebrew devs could become more incorporated into Sony's Army. That way more community games could be made for the system and then ported into the PSN when BC returns to the newer PS3 systems.

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ultimolu3518d ago

I think it can go another year.

yz2503518d ago

sent me a pm and still got me on block lol :) kinda funny. oh well just wanted to say thanks.

yz2503518d ago

i got a disagree for telling someone thanks

you guys are too much sometimes lol

ultimolu3518d ago

Your block has been lifted. n_n

silvacrest3518d ago

depending on how well the $99 ps2 sells it could very well go on for more then the 10 years sony annouced

RememberThe3573518d ago

Like South America and parts of Asia? If so I could see the system sticking around, at least in those areas, for a while.

xabmol3518d ago

Especially up against that POS Zeebo.

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