XBL "Deal of the Week" for April

The "Deals of the Week" for the month of April are...

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ParanoidMonkey3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Off-topic, but my anti-virus detected a virus on this webpage when I clicked the link. Don't know what's up with that, not trying to make accusations, but I thought I'd throw out the warning just in case.

edit: Larger one if the attached one is too small.

KionicWarlord2223517d ago

lol . good i have software on. didnt notice that.

y0haN3516d ago

It was probably another program or web page. You have NoScript set to disallow the page, and that means no active content is delivered to you, so it's either a precaution, false or another program/page.

militant073517d ago

nothing seem interseting i was hopping from something worth it after all

KionicWarlord2223517d ago

yeah not anything i would want to buy. same time next week then ?

Cheeseknight283517d ago

Personally I think I'll download Penny Arcade, seeing how I was waiting on a price drop to 800 points anyway.

Elven63516d ago

Assuming I don't already own it (they supported it so much I lost track) I might pick up the GRAW 2 DLC.