Will we see 'Eight Days' and 'The Getaway' this year?

Gary A Swaby of writes: Sony have recently hinted that they have a number of surprises still up their sleeve for 2009. Scott Rhodes spoke in a recent interview saying "There are several titles that are in the works that we have yet to announce, It's one of those things where we're seeing the fruits of all those initial investments. They're all just starting to hit and stack up for 2009."

In my very own opinion, I feel that Eight days to Vegas and The Getaway are back in development. If you recall, Sony put these titles to the side to focus all their attention on Killzone 2.

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Leio3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

"Eight Days" was canceled right?

butterfinger3539d ago

they were both canceled, but maybe Sony is planning to bring them out anyway. I really hope we at least get one of them. They both sounded pretty fun.

Leio3539d ago

Dam thats bad.. "Eight Days" looks very interesting

Kain813539d ago

only the media said it is cancelled but Sony said its stopped

Cancelled =/= Stopped

Darkiewonder3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )
Yoshida's quote:

"I think that we have more projects that we want to do than we do have resources. So, the cancellation of Eight Days was not necessarily because that project was failing, but because we looked at how it fit in the portfolio and where it fit as a production."

DavidMacDougall3539d ago

Right i don't make games and im not a company but when they say "Canceled" that don't mean there going to delete all the work they have done on both games? It means they'll put it somewhere right? It would be like throwing money away cause they could use them some other year

stevenhiggster3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I agree with David, they won't have cancelled it and then destroyed all record of it's existance! They will still have everything that was done, so if they wanted they could easily put it back into development. I don't imagine that this will be the case though but it would be nice if it was as Eight Days looked pretty interesting.

Freak of Nature3539d ago

I have a former co artist friend that "Stopped" work on eight days long ago now...

I like to believe that he is now working with "SCE Studio Cambridge" on a next gen PS3 "Medievil" genre style game... ...Blink,blink......

pain777pas3539d ago

The Eyetoy game is what those teams are working on and until that is done and probably announced at E3 to come out this year you wont see those games come out. Maybe next year?

rockleex3539d ago

Because they know it will take time to get them out.

And now we are seeing the fruition of their hard work. ^_^

I have a feeling Sony will just keep stacking more and more games on top of their already packed list! >_<

SlyGuy3539d ago

I am wondering if some of the tech from 8 Days is being used in it.

E.g. the cover system.

Mainman3538d ago

I dont really care for Getaway, but I really hope Sony will pick the development of Eight Days back up, because that game looks too awesome.

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koston36473539d ago

i swear to god when i first saw that eight days footage my jaw dropped it looked so fun to play if that was gameplay and looking at the leaked animation tech footage from a while back just make me wish it wasnt COMPLETELY CANCELLED

ShAkKa3539d ago

and since then was "Eight Days" called "Eight Days to Vegas"?
on topic i hope both games get release some time in the future coz Eight Days looks real cool and i have always liked The Getaway series.

EastCoastSB3539d ago

I think the author of the article had it confused with another game "Two Days To Vegas".

ultimolu3539d ago

I hope they bring one of those games back.

_Q_3539d ago

You do? grrrrr

<regains composure>

Anyway I would have a nerdgasm if Eight Days went back into dev
It looked so cool.

ultimolu3539d ago

o-O Whut?

Lol @ nerdgasm.

Sevir043539d ago

They have reallocated the resources to a title that was shown at GDC09 this year from Sony japan... In fact I've been apart of the focus group and can confirm that The game that was shown behind closed doors at GDC09 was using both the an update graphics and animation engine that was used for 8-days.

8 days and Getaway will not be making any return.. Most of the tech that was allocated for 8 days and getaway 3 was split up for 4 other titles.. 1 of them you saw last year was Eyepet, the other was the game I've been apart of the focus group for and the other 2, one being Syphon filter and another unannounced title that early in development.

ultimolu3539d ago

Sevir...I hates you so much. >o<

Now E3 has my tummy nervous with excitement.

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Triple_A3539d ago

Eight Days and Getaway 3 were put on hold.

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