Game Daily: Wheelman Review

Wheelman is a cross between Burnout and Grand Theft Auto. As undercover agent/driver Milo Burik (expertly played by Vin Diesel), you'll romp through Barcelona shooting bad guys and barreling down city streets in a high-powered muscle car, all the while completing missions for different scum bags.

What separates it from the competition is the ability to blast enemies while in reverse and through the windshield. You can also jump between moving vehicles ala Sony's Pursuit Force, something the developers call "Airjacking." Packed with high-speed chases, car combat (you can bump rivals into walls) and ridiculous explosions, the game's still far from perfect. Sloppy looking characters, excessive loading and average on-foot shooting keep it several steps behind the competition. As a rental, however, Wheelman offers some decent thrills.

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