How Xbox 360 Can Outsell the Nintendo Wii

Microsoft is doing a whole lot better this gaming generation than the last. The Xbox 360 is still a distant second from the Nintendo Wii, however.

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avantgarde843519d ago

Reminds me of how the Zune can beat the Ipod right?

Maxned3519d ago

Its not gonna happen. They did hardcore, it didnt work. They attempted casual with avatars, "youre in the movies," banjo, etc.
It wont work. Even a price drop wont work because theyve already gone down to as low as 200

ShabzS3519d ago

impossible....the 360 was expertly marketed to secure second place ... but the wii is soooo far ahead its untouchable now..

Daoshai3519d ago

I think it "may" outsell the Wii then

Montrealien3519d ago

How to write a useless article and feed the (enthusiasts) 101. the 360 or the Ps3 won`t beat the Wii, and you can write speculative articles about it all day and it won`t change a thing. Nintendo nailed right on the button and there is no stopping them at this point, at least not for a while.

And Maxned. Define Hardcore for me pls.

Trollimite3519d ago

there is literally nothing they can do to out sell the wii. they should just settle for second.

beans3519d ago

So now your a wii suppoter? Funny how they join up with anybody as long as they hate to feel proven wrong by 360's success. I bet later this year when they start to show off ODST your going to be sreaming poor graphics or milking you hypocrite.

mint royale3519d ago

the wii has established over the 360 in 2 years, as well as catch up the 360's headstart, doesn't deter some people form writing this crap despite 2 of the 3 360 models being cheaper than the wii. Sigh.

Smacktard3519d ago


Might actually have some better success if all of the Xbox360's "exclusives" weren't suddeNOW AVAILABLE ON PC

fear883519d ago

But I don't know what that would accomplish. IMO if the 360 can emulate an original Xbox why not just emulate the Wii and throw in a bluetooth receiver? Call it the Xii 360 and then let the ultimate battle of lame consoles begin.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3519d ago

They never will.360 has failed the hardcore and the casual gamer,the PC gamer and the retro gamer.The 360 only satisfies the idiot gamer,hence the xbot was born.A primitive lifeform which logic clearly passes away is and will always be the xbot.

360 man3519d ago

how on earth do u have so many bubbles, when all u do is spout nothin but crap

Deadman643519d ago

"360 has failed the hardcore and the casual gamer,the PC gamer and the retro gamer."

If the the 360 has failed what has the PS3 been this utter disaster?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3519d ago the 'CHEAPER' 'xBox 360' in the U.S.of.A for the last few Months 'STILL???' 'CAN'T???' outsell the More 'EXPENSIVE' 'Wii' in the U.S.of.A???
How EMBARRASSING for Micro$oft and their Little Followers!!! ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3519d ago

"360 has failed the hardcore and the casual gamer"

Last time I checked the charts, just about every game sells more on the 360. The fact that Killzone 2, a kickass game with incredible graphics sold as little as it did tells me that the 360 is the hardcore gamers' choice and that many people bought PS3 for the BluRay.

Deadman643519d ago

Sir Ken you may want to buy a few more copies of Killzone 2 and a few more systems!!! :D:D:D:DD because Sony SUrEE DoeSSNNT think they will want to see a SEQUEL TO KILLZONE Or EVEN A PS predecessor!!!!!!;-D

;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;- D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D;-D

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MURKERR3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

first party support-takes years to establish and even harder to make quality new IPs

casual market- 360 has tried with lips,viva pinata,in the movies..they dont sell,360 owners are mainly teens gunning for violence

rpgs havnt saved it in japan,its the cheapest console yet its not selling in wii numbers,2009 will be interesting...

silvacrest3519d ago

its not happening

simple as that

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