G4TV: Brutal Legend Preview: Flat-Out Fun writes:

"It's not often that a game I'm expecting a lot from exceeds my expectations, yet that's exactly what happened when I saw Brutal Legend at Double Fine Productions last week. Going in, I knew that the heavy-metal infused game's personality would be off the hook -- the art, music, dialogue, delivery, and humor were everything I expected and more.

What really caught me off guard was the gameplay; in the portions I saw, Brutal Legend's melange of over-the-top action, real-time strategy, and driving sequences blended together for seamless and enjoyable fun. And really, that's what this game is all about: fun.

You could spend hours thinking about the game's deceptively clever gameplay, all the care that went into crafting the game's world and tone, and the side-splitting delivery by Jack Black, but at the end of the day Brutal Legend is just flat-out fun. I'm positive that every writer that attended the demo was thinking, "I want to play that!"

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Some info on this game at last ! This game is going to be a blast and I cannot wait to play it.I'm not even a hardcore fan of Metal, I like Hip Hop.

THis game is gonna be the sh*t son. ROCK ON !!!! lol