UnNamedGaming Impressions: Gears of War 2 Title Update 3 gives you their impressions of the third title update from Epic Games for Gears of War 2. What kind of changes have been made?

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Hammerburst is so damn strong now if you tap the fire buttom, I like it :)

rbluetank3518d ago

you can not play public horde matches on the new map pack!!!? i decide to give gears2 one more shot. the game laggged very badly.. i just played out the match because i did not want to get a quite on my record nor lose points. the game lag so bad that me and my team let the locust kill us instead lagging around the map unto level 50. their is a serious need of a dedicated server for this game. they should allow you to play the new maps on public outside of your friends list as well...