StarCraft II Pre-Beta Material Found on

Fans of the StarCraft II franchise went ballistic after 11th of April (StarCraft's birthday) when there were no gifts from Blizzard.

In lieu of this, a "hacker" from the community has found code and pictures linking to the "pre-beta" of StarCraft II.

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kuangtu3518d ago

I hope they can officially post those pictures on asap.

kuangtu3518d ago

I wonder why it is "pre-beta" on the picture.

Fyzzu3518d ago

I'm going to nod sagely and pretend that makes sense to me.

Leord3518d ago

This is 100% verifiable. The files are still up.

kuangtu3518d ago

The pictures are real for sure. They are from I don't know about the codes though, but I don't think the "hacker" would post a real finding of pictures then make up the text.

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The story is too old to be commented.