Corewar - The Ultimate Video Game?

John Harris @ Gamasutra: "When we think of computer games, what is the image that comes to mind? Often, these days, it is something that involves a control pad or analog stick. It might instead have a keyboard and a mouse. There's usually some kind of 3D graphics involved and some kind of soundtrack, and to facilitate those you'd need a monitor and some speakers.

At a deeper level, there's the presumption of interactivity, that something you do is countered by the machine, and then you do something to counter it, back and forth in an iterative fashion. And after all that, many people then go on to claim that the game requires some degree of something called immersion.

But how many of those things is actually necessary? This month, we talk about an essentially computer-oriented game that relies upon absolutely none of these things: the awesome and unique game of Corewar."

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