Strategy Informer: Theatre of War II Preview

Whilst it would be nice to see more titles based around the First World War, the World War 2 time period in general has a certain addictiveness about it. It's not so far back in history as to truly be 'historical', yet it's not so far forward that the player has to deal with modern technology, which can sometimes dilute gameplay. It's also a period in history that had a lot going on, and one that everyone knows at least something about.

Enter Theatre of War 2: North Africa 1943, the latest game from Russia-based 1C Company, the same people behind the recently released Men of War. Unfortunately, there's already a problem within that small fact. What appears like a curious blend of Men of War and the classic Close Combat games, Theatre of War 2 is trying to deliver the same strategic action, but pulling away slightly from the more personal aspects delivered in Men of War.

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