First PS3 Third-Party Beta Begins Today

London based videogames publisher System 3 today launched the first ever third-party PLAYSTATION3 Beta Trial to an audience of just under 2,000 hungry racing enthusiasts. The SuperCar Challenge Online Beta Trial allows gamers, journalists and retail alike the chance to get their hands on System 3's brand new racer and take part in 1-16 player online battles.

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Sevir043273d ago

though it was kinda rough it was still the first game launched externally from Sony, by third party...

Counter_ACT3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

True. MGO was the first.

Montrealien3273d ago

*take out notepad*

*scribbles in it*

Thanks! I wrote it in my useless comment notepad!

Marcelles253273d ago

that game has some SERIOUS POTENTIAL THO and plus its a beta even killzone 2 beta kinda sucked so did halo 3 and playstation Home REALLY SUCKS

faisdotal3273d ago

add me i have this : faiizow

Voozi3273d ago

I applied for this beta but didn't get in lol, ah well haha

LukaX233273d ago

I'm in it and it's pretty darn fun. There are some issues but HEY, it's a BETA.

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