IncGamers StarCraft II Beta Giveaway

After Blizzard did not celebrate the 11th anniversary of its classic RTS game StarCraft, fans have been in uproar. IncGamers is trying to lighten up the mood with news of a beta key giveaway.

Enthusiastic StarCraft players harangued Community Manager Kevin Yu in the official forums after the Beta's rumoured start date of April 1 came and went without incident.

In an attempt to dowse the fires of disappointment, IncGamers' StarCraft network site is inviting fans to take part in a wordplay competition where they can also get their hands on a StarCraft II Beta Key while waiting for the test to start.

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Malfurion3426d ago

That should cheer up the QQers for a while at least!

Cogo3426d ago

QQers never stop QQing...

Leord3426d ago

Yeah, well it's an attempt at least =)

moondragon3426d ago

I will do the three entries so that i have a greater chance to enter. My veins are screaming for StarCraft.

kuangtu3426d ago

wow!Free beta key. This time it's real!

DeepThought3426d ago

Wow! I can't believe you're actually giving one of these away! I'd just horde them all to myself >D.

Leord3426d ago

Someone really loves the SC-freaks ;)

Cogo3426d ago

Heh, just look at eBay. Sell it!

Leord3426d ago

Not everyone are that in to money ;)

Fyzzu3426d ago

Ooooh, pretty major! A genuine key giveaway :)

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The story is too old to be commented.