Combat Arms South American Service Terminated

Nexon has announced its online shooter's South American support will be terminated as of 9 April due to "server latency issues."

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syrinx3459d ago

You kind of think they would have sussed that out in advance.

Fyzzu3459d ago

Poor South Americans :(

Malfurion3459d ago

That's a bit of a blow for some players I would imagine.

Leord3459d ago

Lol, "sucks to be you" =P

Seriously though, that's really sad =/

Cogo3459d ago

That must be a bummer to people paying to play the game in the first place...

Is it launched with localization, or can they at least play with other regions (including potential bad latency)?

Tempist3459d ago

It may have something to do with South America's poor ISP speeds. If you have honestly ever played MGO with people from South America, it turns into an ugly game.

fezthabest3459d ago

yeah it sucks pretty bad, im not sure about localization though. But its not a big blow, i mean it is a free game so. But it still sucks bad.

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