The Art of Balance: Pokémon's Masuda on Complexity and Simplicity

Gamasutra was recently invited to travel to Nintendo's San Francisco Bay Area HQ and speak with Junichi Masuda, longtime director of the Pokémon series, and Takeshi Kawachimaru, director of the recently-released Pokémon Platinum, talking about the 186 million-unit selling franchise.

The discussion turned to the art of balancing the inherent complexity of the titles with the simplicity Masuda sees as the series' core appeal -- whether it comes down to visual direction, gameplay design, or staying true to the series' core concept: catching, training, and battling adorable monsters.

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rockleex3515d ago

Sure, the battle system and everything's still simple.

But having over 500 different Pokemons that are so similar to each other because of their simplicity? Not good. -_-"

When Pokemon first came out, you saw Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander, and you were AMAZED. They were each so unique. Yet they looked so simple. Even when you saw multiple other fire Pokemon, Charmander was still unique.

But now you look at the new Pokemons and you can just tell they lost their creativity. There's almost no appeal to the new Pokemons, nothing unique about them. -_-"

Hell they look like a mix between Pokemon and Digimon. -_-