PlayTV gets software update…

Sony will release a free update for PlayTV which, among other things, adds SD upscaling capabilities to the program.

This, in case you're not up on your tech terms, should make the picture appear much sharper and the colours more vivid on a HD TV than they were previously. Sweet.

Other added features include a new option to go straight-to-TV from the XMB, skipping some menus you previously had to navigate on every boot-up, new fast-forward and rewind speeds and new volume controls, as producer Mark Bunting details in a video post.

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jay23514d ago

Good, very helpful stuff.

St03514d ago

Here's a dude taking about the update

He also says that in the future Play TV will get a full HD update to be able to view HD channels

ChozenWoan3514d ago

They say all the cool stuff comes to the US first but in this case, we are the ones waiting.