Xbox Gaming: Ninja Blade Review

Xbox Gaming writes: "Ninjas are cool, there's no denying that. Just watch an episode of Ask A Ninja or watch Kill Bill and you'll see why so many people have fallen in love with Ninjas. They're stealthy assassins who manage to overcome everything in their way to kill their target. So when you're presented with a game based on ninjas you'd expect it to be one of the best games ever made without even breaking a sweat. Ninja Gaiden managed to become one of last year's top titles by providing gamers with a great mix of visceral action and deep combat even though it was at some points one of the most frustrating games ever made and came with a camera intent on killing you by making you oblivious of nearby enemies. Now Microsoft Game studios and From Software have joined forces to bring us Ninja Blade."


* Good customisation options
* Competent combat


* Subpar save system
* Poor graphics
* Overabundance of QTEs

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ceedubya93543d ago

Seems like a good rental

frayer3543d ago

God of War wannabe... the last boss is even stolen from the colossus in GOW II