Atlantica: GDC Round-Up

NDOORS, the publisher of popular MMO Atlantica Online, announced several new features for the game recently at the GDC.

A new cross-server PvP area, the Titan Server, is being introduced to Atlantica. Players can take part in cross-server competitions and tournaments, and a continent with controllable zones is in production.

There are also many other additions booked in for Atlantica, including a new dungeon called 'Bulguksa', aimed at players level 112 and above.

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Fyzzu3516d ago

Aimed at players of WHAT level?

AndyA3516d ago

Yeah, that seems ludicrously high.

Leord3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

112th level... O.o

Malfurion3516d ago

Awesome additions; well worth a try if there's anyone who hasn't checked this game out yet.

syrinx3516d ago

Not a game that's been on my radar this one.

Leord3516d ago

Yeah, but that's what so nice about N4G, you find all sorts of new things you never knew existed =)

Malfurion3516d ago

That's surprising, it's really popular.

Leord3516d ago

Wow that looks really cool.

AndyA3516d ago

Okuni’s Hometown sounds interesting.

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