Killzone 2 lives up to the hype

Concept: Ambitious first-person shooter with the substance to live up to the four years of hype pending its release

Graphics: Guerrilla Games used the power of the PlayStation 3 to deliver a visual tour-de-force, best graphics yet seen on a console.

Sound: Extremely well done. Music is grand and well-placed throughout, and each weapon sounds distinct and fierce.

Playability: The controls have a slight learning curve when transitioning from other shooters, but the result is its own feel rather than frustration.

Entertainment: Intense single-player campaign, addictive competitive multiplayer. A co-op mode would have been a welcome addition, but I can't complain with the amount of content already in place.

Replay Value: The addictive multiplayer mode and dozens of "Trophies" will keep players hooked long after the campaign ends

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Daz3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Timesleader, first time i herd of the site..

killzone is a great game but not live up to te hype for me, i prefer uncharted, played that game so much.

Eldon33515d ago

good game, but didnt quite live up to the hype. I had it on gamefly, and sent it back after 2 weeks. I NEVER got ANY enjoyment out of multiplayer. Graphics were great but gameplay seemed to falter.

table3515d ago

if you didnt expect it to kill other FPS. Judge it on its own merits. Besides, it is desired by alot of people who only own a 360. its at number 5. on the 360's hottest games list lol.

frayer3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

A little late to the party. Very good game.

ultimolu3515d ago

I love this game. I need to get back to it though (stupid Street Fighter!).

raztad3515d ago

Everything comes to tastes.

I love this game too. Playing it on Hard. AI is amazing, combat is intense and always different because the AI. Visuals are awesome. I love the cover system, the pace. No bunny jumps. the story was decent but it had its twists. No more FPS for me this year, if I feel like playing a FPS, Ill play KZ2 on Elite.

MrJack3515d ago

But COD whores (noobs) seem to struggle with it. Even though COD5 is honestly a pile of turd compared to Kilzlone.

yoghurt3515d ago


What was it about the gameplay you didn't like? for me it's the best online multiplayer game ive played, and the gameplay is a highlight

Eldon33515d ago

Where to start...
The controls never felt right even after the update and trying many different configs. The game is also too dark and depressing for my tastes. plus i hate that all in one game mode and there seems to be no other modes to choose (all i wanted was a freaking deathmatch mode, just something other than team games!) Not to mention the lack of a party system, because i always play in a party if not in a deathmatch, and it was frustrating to keep getting put on opposite teams than your clan members. All the maps were way too large for me, and not many smaller games because they don't work on large maps.
In my opinion there are so many better multiplayer experiences out there that killzone falls to the wayside for me except for the graphics level accomplished.