Killzone 2: "Behind The Bullet" Is The Best Showcase Of The Playstation 3's Power

PushSquare: "There's no doubt in our mind that the "Behind The Bullet" interactive Killzone 2 commercial emphatically puts to rest all the Internet whining that Sony lied about the Playstation 3 in 2005. The original Killzone 2 trailer initially blew many away, before culminating in many cries that Sony lied about the Playstation's power. It was a CGI trailer, an artistic vision if you will, not quite being rendered in the way Sony led us all to believe. The "Behind The Bullet" interactive commercial is a recognition by Sony that they were privy to what gamers were saying: nothing quite reeks "we told you so" like proof in interactive form. It just so happens that, as a tech demo, it stands as the most impressive piece of software for showing off your Playstation 3."

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onijutsu3546d ago

please all you fanboys i don't want to see sh!t about how "oh this could be done on the 360", i don't care you really don't care nobody facking cares

this comment is going to deleted isn't it mods?

thereapersson3546d ago


Seriously though, this is awesome. A real-time commercial-turned interactive tech display. GG continues to shine!

get2sammyb3545d ago

Alas - 4D is a bit of marketing. However I agree, to release commercial and the demo to prove it's in game, is pretty awesome.