Use of vehicles in the first DLC for Killzone 2 ? wrote an article about assumptions with vehicles in Killzone 2 .
In particular they believe this is possible because in the last news posted by Guerrilla Games in the official site it's present a jeep just like a "warthog" in Halo.

This new feature in the first DLC can increase a lot of interest about Killzone 2 and its multiplayer online mode.

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QuackPot3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

That vehicles & Maps will be the first DLC - there has to be a reason to have RPGs.

Vehicles would add a whole new dimension to gameplay - frack, tank/mech battles would be epic. Plus vehicles would need new weapons such as anti-tank mines, guided anti-tank weapons, artillery/air strike support.

Just recently went back to playing BF:BC. Tanks FTW. Hell yeah.

UnwanteDreamz3543d ago

Lets fast forward a month or two. GG releases the DLC and by now fanpeople think, because the media has been speculating the whole time, that the DLC will have vehicles. Instead the first DLC is maps and new ranks.

FAIL huge FAIL. We see articles pop up on how Sony has screwed us again. Fanpeople will flock to this crap and HHG will get a million hits cementing his rightfull place as the gaming industries number one leech.

Sometimes I hate the internet........

Mozilla893543d ago

Most of the maps if not all aren't designed with vehicles in mind so vehicles would have to mean a whole new set of maps as well. I'd expect new maps and maybe new badges or game modes.

marcindpol3543d ago

it will destroy this game,
i do not give a fcuk about vehicles, i do care about maps and some more weapons!!!

TheBand1t3543d ago

Well I do care about vehicles.

It adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Besides, the vehicles would probably be on maps specifically designed to handle them, not the current ones.

solidt123543d ago

Ohh I would enjoy shooting a jeep with a RPG. two or three kills at one time yeah.

Ryo-Hazuki3543d ago

Vehicles are cool i guess....but im more interested in new maps and increasing the ranking/class system

STK0263543d ago

I don't think it would destroy the game as they most likely wouldnt be mandatory, you could simply turn them off and they wouldnt be available in every maps anyway. Also, maybe will finally stop complaining about the assault class if they are implemented, as their rcket launcher will finally have a raison detre.

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Farsendor13543d ago

im not to excited about vehicles either. hope this does not happen

solidt123543d ago

Well it would have to be on certain maps(not the existing ones) If you don't want to play with vehicle just don't play those maps.

ceedubya93543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

But vehicles can be really hit or miss in shooters. I think vehicles work well in the Halo series.

In World at War, vehicles seem to completely cripple the gameplay when they are involved in a map ( slightly edited, and my opinion only).

Would vehicles in Killzone 2 be a good thing or hinderance to the gameplay?

TheBand1t3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I think vehicles could work if they're balanced correctly. Like adding in mechs, I'd suspect one man with a rocket launcher could take it out in 2-3 hits. If it's a buggy, one hit. If it's a tank, at least two people would be needed.

C'mon you guys, how could vehicles NOT be exciting? At least it's something new.

ceedubya93543d ago

I wouldn't have to feel like I have no chance at succeeding while on foot, then I have no problem with it. A good balance and it should work well.

marcindpol3543d ago

good point about balance,

GG should first balance well the things that are currently available in the game!

TheBand1t3543d ago

You'd have a chance, yea. But it'd just be vehicles would be at an advantage.

Not that it matters. :/ I mean, the Assault class already has a lock-on missile.

So you'd have a good chance against a jeep, less chance against mechs, and tanks would require serious teamwork to take out.

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