Game Industry Can Blame Itself When Games Get Banned

24 hours before the release of GTA Lost and Damned Rockstar revealed the presence of a real live penis in the game. Ensuring a minor storm of publicity.

Now as far as controversies go this is hardly up there with Hot Coffee but it is indicative of how some companies market their games these days.

The author looks at how this 'controversy as marketing' tactic could threaten what we are allowed to play in the future.

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The Meerkat3518d ago

They can blame the evangelical religious idiots in bible belt of America.

Bioboy3518d ago

But why hand them ammunition?

The Meerkat3518d ago

Because if the games industry self censor then they are giving in to pressure from these nutters.

Bioboy3518d ago

It is about pushing the positive aspects of the game rather than aiming for cheap publicity by creating controversy.

The Meerkat3518d ago

Tv shows, Movies, Newspapers, Music and even Disney (watch the new southpark series) use sex to sell. Why shouldn't games.

Bioboy3518d ago

Because the public are frightened of games, pure and simple. Why would we want to add to that fear, it will backfire on us in the long run.

The Meerkat3518d ago

Just like people thought rock music was the work of the devil?

Once people born in the late 70's and 80's are in control we won't even be having this discussion.

Bioboy3518d ago

Yes exactly like people thought rock music was work of devil and I will be darned if some of it did not get banned.

The Meerkat3518d ago

No they are not in charge, people who were born in the late 70's are only in their early 30's now.
The people causing all this fuss are in their 50's and 60's, once they are gone things will be fine.

Yes some music was banned, but only in certain (bible thumping) areas.
Some slasher films were banned and The Life of Brian was banned. Now The Life of Brian is viewed as one of the greatest films of all time and film producers are falling over themselves trying to remake even more sexually explicit and violent versions of the previously banned slasher movies.

I can't wait for more games to have big knob jokes and boobs!

michellejbuss3518d ago

I was talking to the head of 2K studios the other day and he is a year younger than me, I nearly cried. lol

I am perfectly happy to see more boob and weenie jokes so long as companies stop trying to use them to whip up controversy that can damage games in the long run

rockleex3517d ago

Like in the Watchmen?

In fact, the penis in GTA is even LESS real than what is in Watchmen!

So once again, EVERYTHING is accepted in every OTHER medium but not in video games. -_-"

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HaloHead3518d ago

Can't see how a bit of controversy hurts anyone.

Yi-Long3518d ago

... look inside your pants: SHOCK!!!

Seriously people, it's just a normal bodypart. It's not worth the 'controversy'. There are wayyy more serious things to worry about in this world, instead of naked guys/girls in videogames.

Bioboy3518d ago

I said that in the article. So therefore why does Rockstar insist on making such a big deal of it?

Yi-Long3518d ago

...and because they are free to do so, cause it's a normal thing, that only uptight people will overreact to!?

Aren't there lots of comedies where you'll have grown men running around naked with their sausages flopping around, on campus!?

DelbertGrady3518d ago

*looks inside pants*...GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGG HHH!!!!

michellejbuss3518d ago

They did it just as the article says to cause controversy and therefore get publicity.

I think what the article is trying to say is that the gaming industry cannot court publicity through controversy and then scream blue murder when it comes back and bites them in the butt.

And we all know movies get away with all sorts but no one ever said this was fair.

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Jeebus3518d ago

Lol at "real live penis in a video game".

Isn't that kind of an oxymoron?

michellejbuss3518d ago

Most things to do with penis are some kind of moron. (jking)