PopMatters: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Review

The protagonists in Grand Theft Auto games have gotten progressively more likable with each passing title. CJ from San Andreas and Niko from GTA IV are a far cry from the sociopathic criminals of earlier installments. With that in mind your character this time, Johnny Klebitz, feels like a little bit of a step back. He certainly has a conscience, but his biker gang, the Lost, is fairly unlikable itself, and it's difficult to understand how Johnny wound up with them in the first place. Indeed, given how high Grand Theft Auto IV set the bar for narrative depth, it's difficult for The Lost And Damned not to feel as though it comes up short. To be fair, it's somewhat unreasonable to compare these aspects of a piece of downloadable content with the main game, and The Lost and Damned's successes far outshine its missteps.

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