PC sales April 2009

Empire: Total War is still selling. Dawn of War II is still selling. Left 4 Dead is still selling. Know what else is still selling? Bet you can guess the rest. Start with Blizzard.

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Tony P3514d ago

Go, Empire: Total War. You're an excellent game and deserve your number one spot.

Montrealien3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

this is a bad article and the site isnt even finished. IF a news piece on N4G has the title (PC Sales April) It should be a better quality article. Wen is the trust system coming? not soon enough if you ask me.

Agent VX3514d ago

Empire: Total War is easily the best game release in the last while. So far from what I can see released now and until the last part of the year, this game will easily take "GOTY" award from most sites.

bob saget remix3514d ago

I though they just pirated them.

Montrealien3514d ago

yeah, if you think with stereotypes, you usually got it all wrong.