Red Faction: Guerilla Demo Dilemma

Gameplayer writes:
"One of the most anticipated sequels in a while – and Zod knows there are a lot of them on that there 'forthcoming releases' list - Red Faction: Guerrilla is nearly with us. Assuming you can define June 11, the confirmed Australian release date, as 'nearly', of course..."

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Cajun Chicken3516d ago

Yeah, this looks like lots of insane fun.

Megaton3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I thought it was pretty fun. Keeps up an impressive framerate when you're completely wrecking entire buildings into shreds too. I wish it didn't have that 10 minute timer for the demo mission though, as I'd like to just go at my own pace and destroy as much as possible.

Cajun Chicken3516d ago

Dammit, there's no way of getting a demo in EU yet, is there?

Megaton3516d ago

Think it's for annual Qore subscribers only right now.

Dark SeRaNADE3516d ago

Nah, You can pre order the game at GAME to get a special code that will unlock the demo. now.

Im going in just now to do just that. :)