Robo-scientist makes gene discovery--on its own

"Earlier this week, we told you about a robot that could be controlled by human thought alone. Now comes news of a bot that doesn't need to bother with any human thought at all, thank you very much. It's a "robot scientist" that researchers believe to be the first machine to independently come up with new scientific findings. Aptly, the bot is named Adam."

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Babylonian3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Before we know it they will use us as batteries and plug us into a computer where we're unconsiously in a coma in some kind of Operaring System thinking we are still living our normal lives (cough*Matrix*cough)/

Or one day in the future, we will be hunted down in space and fight for our survival to get away from these machines. Strangley though we will call them Cylons and some of them will look like humans 0.o/

But seriously, this is amazing and quite scary at the same time.