Gamervision Review: Resistance: Retribution

GV writes: "At many times it feels like the PSP is a dying platform. New releases, for the most part, are few and far between, and while there are a few must-owns on the platform, most anything worthwhile ends up being bumped to the PlayStation 2 after a few months, which has a significantly better battery life and a superior controller. Still, refusing to succumb to this thought, Sony has thrown a few surprises out, and this year has already had some quality titles released on the PSP. LocoRoco 2 showed itself to be the definition of casual fun in the early months of 2009 (albeit using very little of the PSP's power or capabilities), and now Resistance: Retribution looks to show gamers the other side of the UMD. With a tie-in to one of the most popular PlayStation 3 shooters, Retribution is set to prove that there's still plenty of life in Sony's portable."

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