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Submitted by jvillan 2502d ago | article

Only 6% of PS3 Owners Have Purchased Killzone 2

With all the anticipation, you have to wonder how much of the PS3 install base actually went out and purchased the game. Don't worry, just sit back and relax since all the calculations have been done for you. (Culture, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Killzone 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2502d ago
We don't even have a full month of solid NPD data so how can you come to this number already? Maybe in the other regions that have spotty sales reporting might be showing that but the US had good numbers for KZ2 for the 2 days in Feb and I expect it to do well in March and have long legs(watch this title pick up in sales twords the Christmas holiday).
BananaSlug  +   2502d ago
killzone leaderboards only show a little more than 820k players
arika  +   2502d ago
i completely agree with you GEC.
yup! march will be a different scenario for killzone 2. i know that a lot of people are trying to downplay its greatness because they are too scared for this game to be seen and played by a lot of people. once they do they will be amazed and word of mouth will be spread all over the gaming world.
even in the remote chance that the sales are slow it will still sell gazilions, slowly but surely.
i'm sure that once the npd results for march is up its going to be around 2 to 4 million globally. :-)
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SRU9600  +   2502d ago
"watch this title pick up in sales twords the Christmas holiday"

Killzone 2 will be a distant memory come Christmas time, my friend.

Modern Warfare 2 is going to be the game that everyone will be buying.
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squidyj  +   2502d ago
Yknow, unless Infinity Ward screws the pooch.
Ju  +   2502d ago
"only show a little more than 820k players" Oh man, how spoiled are we. How is 800k players in the first month a bad thing ? I just don't get it any more.
BananaSlug  +   2502d ago
@ Ju
it's not a bad number for any game. it is just currently not as high as fanboys think it is.
Ju  +   2502d ago
Oh, I am just fed up with the people tossing numbers around. They don't mean anything. You can't really quantify them. Does it change the game experience ? I don't think so. But, there were days, when a company was proud to sell 100K of its products on a global scale. And they made big money doing so. Now, if you don't sell 4M, then its not worth talking any more. Well, even 1M is NOTHING, right ? "Million", 10e6, does this tell you anything ? (I mean, not you personally, you who argues about numbers). w/e, I think I go play some game now. Is late.
SRU9600  +   2502d ago
Numbers mean a lot when "the best FPS ever made" sells like crap.

Seriously, this game was supposed to sell uber-millions and instead it can't even get 1 out of every 10 PS3 owners to buy it. lol
Unicron  +   2502d ago
"Seriously, this game was supposed to sell uber-millions and instead it can't even get 1 out of every 10 PS3 owners to buy it. lol"

Generalizations FTW. I love it when people take excited (and stupid) fanboy utterances and apply them to an entire community as if they were law or fact.

I also love the idiots who think sales somehow make a game more fun. Sorry, I don't care what Halo 3 sold, it's crap compared to CoD4.

I'll put it in fanboy terms you can understand SRU. Gasp! I thought Halo was the messiah of the console FPS?! The epitome! It can't even sell as much as Wii Fit or Gran Turismo. Hah. Pathetic.

But I should thank YOU for epitomizing everything wrong with "gamers" today. Kudos champ.
SRU9600  +   2502d ago
Oh please, get over yourself, "Unicron". lol

You and I both know that this game was expected to sell like crazy, and now that it hasn't, people like yourself are acting like you are so above it all.

Killzone 2 = fail.

Deal with it.

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Unicron  +   2502d ago
OH NO! A GAME I enjoy didn't sell a crapload over night judging from the total LACK OF DATA WE HAZ! OH NOES! I guess that means its less fun now! Whatever will I do?!

I love idiots who play sales numbers on their 360s and PS3s, it must be so fun looking at spreadsheets all day for the companies you DON'T work for. Bwahaha. Sad.

Once again, thank you for proving to be the epitome of everything wrong with gamers today. Continue to spew your vitriol and vapid responses, it really is rather funny in a pathetic way.
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raztad  +   2502d ago
@UN happy

How do you know a game is selling consoles? does KZ2 needs to sell 23 million of copies so you can say, yeah KZ2 sold 1 million of consoles?

I bought a ps3 cause I wanted to play KZ2. Like me many others, but it's a known fact that ps3 userbase is much more into Jrpgs, action-adventure games than FPSs.

Well I need to get some sleep, I am a bit tired after playing Folklore, awesome action-rpg.
SRU9600  +   2502d ago
"OH NO! A GAME I enjoy didn't sell a crapload over night judging from the total LACK OF DATA WE HAZ! OH NOES! I guess that means its less fun now! Whatever will I do?!"

"Once again, thank you for proving to be the epitome of everything wrong with gamers today. Continue to spew your vitriol and vapid responses, it really is rather funny in a pathetic way."

Oh my, someone is quite the drama queen! lol
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Calvin_ISA  +   2502d ago
RIDICULOUS. YOUR tattoo says dude, and YOUR tattoo says sweet!

Hate to break this to the KZ2-was-destined-to-fail-and-b ecause-it-kicks-ass-lets-say-it -doesn't-because-it-isn't-picki ng-up-on-sales-yet people, but a game doesn't "fail" from inaccurate sales figures...
Narutone66  +   2502d ago
@2.6 Not all who bought KZ2 plays online
I bought a copy of KZ2, but so far haven't played online. I'm more of a GT fans than a shooter, but KZ2 is just too good to pass up. I suck at shooter game to tell you that truth. That's why I don't play online, might end up getting my a$$ whipped by more seasoned player.
Omegasyde  +   2502d ago
SRU how did killzone fail?

It already made its return on investment with over 1 million copies sold worldwide.

The development for just making the game was 22 million (USD). Wait, they also made a engine which SCE plans on licensing to other developers so there will be further profit in the future.

The only thing the game failed on, was reaching Halo 3 sales numbers. No one expected it too because A) the first game sucked and B) little advertising.

To gamers, the game certainly didn't fail. Fun online, great single player expirience, greatest graphics to date for a console title.
SRU9600  +   2502d ago
It failed because this was supposed to be that "must have" game (a Halo 3, if you will) that would make people actually go out and purchase a PS3.
A console seller like no other (even though every PS3 exclusive that came before it was also supposed to be "The One", but we all know how that worked out...)

All fanboyism/kidding around aside, Killzone 2 did not do anywhere near the numbers that Sony had hoped it would, and that, along with the other poorly selling PS3 exclusives, must be making Sony very nervous.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2502d ago
@2.1: Not everyone is connected to the internet but yeah that is a decent indicator.

Ju speaks wisely as always.. time to go enjoy some games.
BananaSlug  +   2502d ago
"Not everyone is connected to the internet [...]"

o definitely.... and unfortunately...
poet215  +   2502d ago
@ 2.8 & others with the same feelings
I'm an owner of a lauch day 60gb PS3 & I don't have KZ2. I believe it's a great game, but I've never enjoyed playing FPS's. I'd much rather have a good RPG or Adventure game. I also think, that Sony has spent the 1st couple years of PS3 trying to replicate the 360 & PC with the overload of shooters. Perhaps, Sony is a few years to late with this game as well. Sometimes, you can have the best product, but if you're too late to join the party............well, you know.
redsquad  +   2502d ago
Both I and my sister bought KZ2. I play online yet she doesn't. So that's 50% of my household who don't go on the internet with the game.

Percentages are great aren't they?
Tarasque  +   2502d ago
Well obviously you are just focused on the small number it has sold. Instead look at how much money was spent on making the game and engine and compare that to the game sales. Take a look at Halo3 and Gears 1&2 sales and Fable 2 sold 350,000 first day just in NA. That just points to either PS3 owners are just watching movies or they are not buying game's, i mean seriously you have a install base that big and only 6% of PS3 owners buy the game which supposed to be the best game on the console. No 2 ways about that some serious issue's.

/\/\/\/\/\ guy above.....yeah that means 1 person and your point.
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s8anicslayer  +   2502d ago
Thats an amazing number if it were true, makes you wonder how many people have a ps3 just for blueray?
FlameBaitGod  +   2502d ago
Its really funny and really sad to how 360 fanboys have to result to sales. Lets start, killzone to came out for the PS2 and it wasnt a great game it was an ok game, prob with frames, using the sniper was hell in that game and many other annoying stuff was happening in that game. SO a lot of people who played the first one and hated it wont get it becuase they think those things havent changed(which they did). Second, Gears didn't do anything wrong in its release, it was a pro game from the start. So its obvious people are going to get the sequel. PS3 has been getting fresh IP's plus great multiplats, so who u think its spending more money on games ? Has every 360 exclusive reached 1mill in sales like the PS3 has ? No. What console has more games to play other than 3(Halo 3, gears, COD) this year? If you have many others that u play care 2 say. You people can keep telling you self that sales = quality of the game, that just makes you u look even sadder and really not mentally healthy. Oh guys and keep making multiple accounts and agreeing with your self's more ROFL!
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Anon1974  +   2502d ago
So, it sold as well as Fable 2 then?
Fable 2 moved about 1.7 million units in it's first 5 weeks worldwide, so given an install base at the time of about 27 million 360 owners, that's about 6% as well.

MGS4 moved units like Gears 2 did. It sold close to 3 million in it's first 5 weeks on sale so out of 15 million PS3 owners at the time that means about 20% of PS3 owners picked it up at that time.

Wait a minute...what's the point of all this? So 20% of players picked up Gears 2 and MGS4 on their respective consoles and Fable 2 and Killzone 2 did about 6%. What does that matter? They're all fantastic games and are doing well. I don't understand the point of even comparing these. What is he trying to say? Killzone isn't Gears of War? We all know that. And LBP isn't Banjo Nuts and Bolts.

Anything else Captain Obvious can point out for us?
The Lazy One  +   2502d ago
@"I am just fed up with the people tossing numbers around. They don't mean anything. You can't really quantify them."
WAT?! you can't quantify numbers? Please tell me you thought about that after you said it.

@the rest: KZ2 probably won't pick up at Xmas. very very few games released more than half a year earlier do.

I think the most important thing to note about KZ2 is that it has to sell a lot just to make back it's budget (which is estimated at around $60 million just for development, not advertising, manufacturing, or publishing). It's going to take almost 2 million sales just for them to make a profit off it, which doesn't really bode well for the best game released for the console.

Compared with halo 3, which had a $60 million budget for development, advertising, manufacturing, and publishing, it's being outsold almost 5:1 in the same time period. MGS4 (an established series) was outsold around 2:1 in the same period. Don't think developers and publishers won't take note of the way games sell on each system. They're still a business, and they have to make money.
xTruthx  +   2502d ago
Lazy one I'm pretty sure Sony said kz2 took 50 mill to make, and if what u say about halo 3 is right about only 60 mil on ads and the game then I get y they couldn't do Halo 3 run at 720p. Because Halo 3 had a 30 mil on ads only, Thats not counting the manufacturing, and publishing, so from what ur saying Halo 3 only took around 22 mill to make?. I guess this happens with every 360 exclusive, thats y we keep getting freaking laggy & glitchy games.
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The Lazy One  +   2502d ago
GTAIV had a 100 million budget, so it's a better game than killzone 2 right?
DailyAddict  +   2502d ago
Why are you guys even reading this garbage? He's comparing a game that's been out for a few months to a game that's been out for a few years? Yea, THAT makes a lot of sense.

Nothing to see hear except a horrible site baiting all of you into reading nonsense.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2502d ago
SAo basically not exactly the Halo killer... Heck there are probably more people playing Halo 3 right now than KZ2.

So much for the Halo killer. This supports my theory that a large portion of the initial PS3 user base bought it as the cheapest blu-ray (and arguably the best quality for the cost) available at the time.

Sales in some sense matters because when publishers see poor number on a killer game that is on par with CoD4 sells only barely above a million, one would question the investment. For comparison how are the sales numbers for CoD 4 for PS3?

Other than MGS4, has there been any game on the PS3 that sold more than 3 million? Just curious.
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Ju  +   2502d ago
"quantifying a number". Well, you can't without a context. 5. A Number. Is it a lot or is it less ? Don't know unless you put it into context. 5g dope is possible a lot (I wouldn't know?), 5cents possibly not.

Well, 4M is a lot. But so is 1M. 100K is less. I usually play with 16 vs 16 on a team. Don't know what the other 1M do, not sure if my game would change drastically if I'd know there are 800K in the waiting list or 4M. I'm still playing vs16.

Bigger is better, hah. Except if you think about your weight. Then maybe not.
Raz  +   2502d ago
"one could argue that the game has just come out a month ago, therefore it takes time for the amount of owners to grow. This argument fails being that as the amount of KZ2 owners grow, the amount of the install base also grows, therefore the percentage stays the same."

How does he figure? Everyone who buys KZ2 is also buying a new PS3?

The more important question is how HHG continues to get away with posting these excuses for articles.
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thats_just_prime  +   2502d ago
Funny how a game that was suppose to be the 2nd coming (how many 2nd coming has the ps3 had btw) sells so lil. MS hypes exclusive and the sells are off the charts. Halo 3 sold to 50% of all 360 owners. GoW1 sold 33% to all 360 owners and GoW2 is already at 25%. I guess even ps3 fanboys dont want to buy the shovelware that sony keeps putting out for the ps3
Saigon  +   2502d ago
i didnt know was a creditable source...we barely know what this game did...and remember sony does not release what it sold to retail...all we know the game might have sold 4-5 million for sony...
Sonyslave3  +   2502d ago
lol hiphopgamer April fool was yesterday.
jvillan  +   2502d ago
Don't think this is a joke.
DNAgent  +   2502d ago
hiphopgamershow is a joke regardless of the month. It's nothing but blogs that get approved as news by a bunch of n00bs and people on that site.
bujasem_89  +   2502d ago
yea and my ass can grow money and cupcakes
jammy_70  +   2502d ago
halo 3 and gears 2 didnt really come out in the recession did they?
also while 360 has only 2 BIG franchises (halo gears) ps3 has loadz, resistance, metal gear, gran trismo, uncharted + thats why games sell less on ps3, cuz theres more games :)
earwax  +   2502d ago
No joke .............No sales for KZ2
I play more PS2 games on my 60gb ps3 then I do PS3 games. This system is in HUGE trouble! if not for Blu ray it would be dead by now.
talltony  +   2502d ago
SO what.
Sales dnt make the game better or worse. People buy shovelware for the wii all the time and people dnt buy excellent games all the time. In the end sales dnt effect me either way when i am playing killzone 2. Their is plenty of people online to kill so its all good.

And @ EARWAX above me. Its not my problem that ur stupid enough not to want to play killzone 2, uncharted, ratchet and clank future, MGS4, resistance 1 and 2, and heavenly sword just to name a few. Its your loss that ur not playing the best games not mine.
#3.6 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Capt CHAOS  +   2502d ago
@talltony - Sales don't make games better.. Yes they do.
It determines how much is available to fund the sequel or another game...
talltony  +   2502d ago
@ Capt CHAOS
No they dnt, not really. I mean Gears 2 looks exactly like Gears 1. Same engine and not many new things.
II-Reaper-II  +   2502d ago
VG chartz lollllll
Source=Vg chartz lol
You guys keep fallin for the same bait that HipHopLamer keeps throwing at u.Hes got no life.Just ignore these articles and he will slowly disappear.For god sake he used vgchartz as his source.He said 21million Ps3 consoles.Ps3 is at 23million at least right now.Dont believe me?check wiki!! yo hiphop get a life dude or at least an education u dum f@k!
jams_shop  +   2502d ago
I guess Gears of War 2 sold 6,950,000 copies on day one.

Yeah! Go-ahead and disagree, but don't you guys think that, it would be more reasonable if whoever came up with this %, uses the units sold in the first month instead of using the life-time sells of a games that soon is going to have a year in the market.

BTW why don't HHG post the % of the 360 owners who bought Halo Wars?? Remember Halo Wars?? Yeah... it was released around the time Killzone 2 was released.
#4 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
jack who  +   2502d ago
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2502d ago
gears 2 did not even reach 5 million... this article is just bullcrap, just like other HHG articles
Johnny Rotten  +   2502d ago
So is this negative news or positive because I can't really figure it out? if it's negative, I feel really bad for the other 97% of games that were ever created.
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Shadow Man  +   2502d ago
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2502d ago
UnSelf  +   2502d ago
STONEY4  +   2502d ago
Calvin_ISA  +   2502d ago

*cough* ...94... *cough*

-edit in a lesson-

You start at 100 bottles of beer on the wall, and when you take down 6 bottles, you're left with 94. (:

...but that statement makes absolutely zero percent sense. You see, Johnny, the 6% is only a percentage of people who bought Killzone 2. Not counting every game ever created. It should also be "I feel bad for the other 94% of PS3 gamers that haven't bought this".

There's your lessons for the day. Brought to you free by me.

What? Somebody had to..
#5.7 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Johnny Rotten  +   2502d ago

"So is this negative news or positive because I can't really figure it out? if it's negative, I feel really bad for the OTHER 97% of GAMES that were ever created".

let me reword this for you so you can understand....

If this is supposed to be negative news I feel really bad for all the other games in the world that haven't sold nearly as much as the ones mentioned in the article.
#5.8 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   2502d ago
.....THIS is y HHG needs banning ^^. He must live in Spin City.
Omegasyde  +   2502d ago
I second that.
MysticStrummer  +   2502d ago
Another pointless article
I guess with so many people being jobless these days it's no surprise that some of that free time is being used to create worthless "articles" on the internet.
happyface  +   2502d ago
wasn't this supposed to be a system seller?

its not even selling to the people that HAVE the system
-GoD_-oF-_WaR-  +   2502d ago
Thats because there are more than 2 games to wait for like the xbox.
Thats why i only have gears and forza for my 360 :/
WIIIS1  +   2502d ago
Really? Like what might a PS3 owner be waiting for in the next 2 months that's making her hold back from buying KZ2? This year, I've already gotten Star Ocean 4, RE5, Halo wars, Race Pro, Lost & Damned on 360 (getting Fallout 3 DLC soon). I've not gotten anything for my PS3 yet because KZ2 demo didn't do anything for me. Waiting for Uncharted 2, which is coming out when?
Unicron  +   2502d ago
I love statistics.

100% of HHG "stories" are flame bait horsesh1t.
crck  +   2502d ago
I think no co-op really hurt this game just like it hurt Resistance 2. I know that's why I didn't buy either of them. I just rented both.
Dark General  +   2502d ago
Resistance 2 had Co Op though. Not sure if it had offline/splitscreen Co Op though.

As for this article there's still a few variables missing. Like comparing timeframes as well as comparing install bases at that current time as well. If you want to get a more accurate tie ratio. While KZ2 has been hyped on the 'net by hardcore gamers it didn't really get that sort of mainstream push. Specially since it's Ps3 iteration is more akin to a new IP or rebooting of a series (ala Warhawk) than it is a blockbuster sequel to a crowd favorite title.
#10.1 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Unicron  +   2502d ago
Careful there General, using that logic might make HHG look more a fool than he already is.
Dark General  +   2502d ago
Hahahaha I actually don't mind HHG (himself) he tries to at least talk about some interesting things and does pretty good interviews with industry people. I give him alot of respect for that since he's kind of just a common gamer like us trying to slide his foot in the door. I don't however agree with his choices for writers though and what he allows them to publish. He could definitely try to be more professional and present some of his idea's, articles and whatnot in a different manor. I do see some potential in his work.
#10.3 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MrPink93485  +   2502d ago
Wow, his Gears of War number is way off. About a good 2.5 million off.

Not to mention, Killzone 2 has only been out for such a short amount of time.
onijutsu  +   2502d ago
i didn't get killzone 2 and i am no going to.
well i got a ps3 to play games that aren't shooters, as i got tired of being a pc gamer and playing endlessly with shooters.
Supernatural24  +   2502d ago
It's not GoldenEye/Perfect Dark
I was probably going to buy it but because it doesn't offer offline multiplayer like in the classic N64 games in which you were able to play with/against brothers and bots (spent most of my time in Battlefield 2 against these because the servers lagged)...well I'm not going to, changing my sight towards Virtua Tennis 2009 later this spring. They badly need to make another Perfect Dark. Multiplayer is boring in Call of Duty games for offline.. it also needs bots.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2502d ago
you have no idea what you're missing... oh well, as long i get to play it, then im fine
STONEY4  +   2502d ago
Killzone 2 has offline bots.
MrPink93485  +   2502d ago
Also, his time argument is off, because next month, Killzone 2 will probably sell as many copies as PS3's are sold in the US........therefore the percentage number will be constantly increasing for a good amount of time.
Sonyslave3  +   2502d ago
damn if this is true wtf wrong with ps3fanboys this was the game they hype as the halo killer/ second coming of chirst and only 6% brought the game.
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2502d ago
I bought it, ranked up to General and then went straight back to COD4
silverchode  +   2502d ago
i went back to css. kz2 is a good game but my interest for it has diminished.
STONEY4  +   2502d ago
I have 3 games I need to finish, I don't really have time for Killzone 2's multiplayer right now.
Shane Kim  +   2502d ago
I ranked up to general and I'm still playing it. Trying to unlock all of the medals.
Deadman64  +   2502d ago
That easy to rank to General?
7thNightvolley  +   2502d ago
m things i would say is marketing of kz2 by sony was abit shabby if u ask me.
I wouldnt like i expected more sales thou from kz2 seeing it is a technical marvel on a console i for one was a pure 360 gamer and added the ps3 on the 27th of feb coz of kz2 (i was drunk then but i am glad i was) and its been a blast or maybe ps3 gamers dont play games as hard i dunno but if in a month kz2 does not reach 1.5mil sales i dont tihnk it will do 3 mill in a life time. just an opinion. since sales generally go down with time.
7thNightvolley  +   2502d ago
please would u please state ur reasons.. and stop hiding i dont bite.
Acquiesc3  +   2502d ago
Yeah, some random fanboy is just looking over the comments and hitting disagrees. Whoever that is, get a life man.
#15.2 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
7thNightvolley  +   2502d ago
i know
sad and pathetic
Anon1974  +   2502d ago
Well, this is PS3 news, for one thing.
You have to anticipate that in PS3 news you're going to have a lot of PS3 fans. The exact same thing happens in the 360 news, where if you aren't 100% positive towards the 360 people will automatically jab the disagree button and few ever comment on the actual content of the post. It's maddening when you just want to talk about gamer issues, I know. You'd think if someone disagreed they'd at least give you a reason. Not the case on net forums in general.

As for your point, from my observation of PS3 sales data, PS3 games tend to have long legs. Look at Motorstorm - barely sold 500,000 in it's first month and sales dropped down to 20,000 a week and now it's well over 3.5 million. The first Resistance and even Resistance 2 seem the same way. Ok sales out of the gate but then settling into a long term 20,000-30,000 a week pattern until the next thing you know they're over 3 million. LittleBigPlanet is another example of a game with steady longer term sales.

I've heard it mentioned in reports before that the 360 caters to the hardcore crowd, and as the hardcore crowd tends to buy the hot, new thing day one we see attach rates on the 360 spike whenever a new, anticipated title is released. It's been argued that this is a symptom of a larger problem that the 360 seems unable to break out and appeal to the more casual gamers, and recent sales of Banjo Nuts and Bolts lend credit to that concern. Catering only to the hardcore is not a recipe for long term viability in the gaming market. My guess is that that's what's behind the 360's price drop, an attempt to get more casuals onboard although based on MS's last sales quarter it looks like they may have priced the 360 at a loss again as profit was down 60% on increased sales and increased revenue. It's also been pointed out that PS3 seems to be able to sell a wider variety of software titles.
Think about it. If you're a developer and you have a new shooter, or military themed game - you probably look to the 360 first as even mediocre titles like Mercenaries 2 seem to be able to move units while being largely ignored on the PS3. If you're making a game that's anything other than a shooter or military themed game - you'd most likely look at Blue Dragon/Banjo/Too Human and then LBP/Uncharted/Ratchet and Clank, or even consider multiconsole sales. Shooters tend to do best on the 360 while the PS3 holds it's own, everything else now seems to move better on the PS3 (DMC4, TombRaider, Burnout, RE:5, SteetFighter 4, and on and on it goes)
You'd probably come to the same conclusion that many developers have - the size of the install base doesn't really matter as much as what that install base is buying. Otherwise everyone would be making games for the Wii.

I think give Killzone 2 time and it'll break that 3 million mark - a truly rare feat for any videogame.
#15.4 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mr Tretton  +   2502d ago
Just say No to HHG
smokeymicpot  +   2502d ago
I didn't buy this game but rented it day one. Probably won't even buy for a long time if not ever. No more shooters. There is really to many.
Acquiesc3  +   2502d ago
The guy should go back to grade school. His "little mathematical research" isn't even close to being accurate at all. KZ2 had atleast 1.2 million pre-orders in Europe and the full month of NPD data isn't even released yet.

I also love how he just magically spawns those numbers (probably just from a week's worth of data) without even providing any sources.

Coming from HHG, it's not very surprising though. They seem to have a knack for posting atleast one garbage article here everyday.
Pootie Tang  +   2502d ago
Goto KZ's own leaderboards if u wanna c some numbers, just over 800,000 played online- so 1.2 to 1.3 is prob pretty damn close if that
Acquiesc3  +   2502d ago
I know that. But keep in mind that a lot of people still don't have internet connection or don't even care about the multiplayer component. Even if it's as much as 60% of the people who bought it went online, it would still be higher than said number in the article.
lomion5  +   2502d ago
Well yeah, we all got our PS3's for rpgs. There are already so many shooters. That having been said, I did break down and get Killzone and it's pretty much awesome.
#19 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xplosneer  +   2502d ago
If I could...
I would, but I can't, so I'll wait till I can.
Bladestar  +   2502d ago
94% of all PS3 are linux servers or used to watch movies only.

So, this sounds about right.
silverchode  +   2502d ago
68% of all 360's will suffer the rrod
see i can make up numbers too.
Bathyj  +   2502d ago
100% of all Bladestars I know are dikheads.
Obama  +   2502d ago
"68% of all 360's will suffer the rrod"

Actually this "was" a fact.
TrevorPhillips  +   2502d ago
I bought my copy and im loving the game :)
myothercar  +   2502d ago
No! The only way you can love something is if it sells 8 million copies in the first month.
Shadow Man  +   2502d ago
Yeah I'm so happy!!! :D :D bu bu but the cell? ahaahahhaa

PS:X-Men Origins Wolverine 2009 available for download DVD quality :D
silverchode  +   2502d ago
i watched it already.
sak500  +   2502d ago

Thats workprint.. incomplete movie. Will wait for R5.
Shadow Man  +   2502d ago
bu bu but the cell?
$50 million down the sh!ter.
#24 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
poopsack  +   2502d ago
man your really funny.
DARK WITNESS  +   2502d ago
lolololol... i don't know if i agree, but it did make me laugh. bubble to you good sir. lol
GamerPS360  +   2502d ago
lol another sales play. Getting tired of this thing
OneShotThrill  +   2502d ago
Please someone explain to me
Whats the point of this article? it has no meaning... it has no purpose...why does it exist? It must be horrible when devs dont sell 1 million copies of their game in less than a week. why is every games worth measured in sales these days. If were gonna apply that logic to everything then our standards for gaming is just going down the toilet.Hell even William Hung's (That horrible little asian guy that got rejected from american idol) album went platinum...Im pretty sure many of us dont view him as a great singer
myothercar  +   2502d ago
The HHG site is run by people who don't know anything about games. They just know that most N4G readers lap this pissing contest garbage up like dogs.
Ariellog  +   2502d ago
Funny how every one beliefs any fool that post any Garbage on the net. I mostly play on 360 but i lately started playing my ps3 thx to Killzone 2 and i say it probably the best Multiplayer experience i played on a console.

I don't know why people keep bringing up CoD4, i would not even put it on the top 3 best shooters of all time. (Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2, and the first Team Fortress).

In all unless the guy start putting some actual stats from people i can believe (NPD) i don't see why people should even pay attention to this crap.
#27 (Edited 2502d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Nihilism  +   2502d ago
"sex panther, sixty percent of the time it works, everytime!"
Ariellog  +   2502d ago
"it smells like Bigfoot ...."
Lavagasm  +   2502d ago
And they thought a sequel to a sh*tty game was a GOOD idea. LMAO!
cyclindk  +   2502d ago
One error in his logic is that he stated the PS3 install base is increasing along side the continued purchases of the game and therefore the percentage would remain the same; this would be true if the PS3 adoption rate and Killzone 2 rate of sale were equal and as it stands there is no evidence to suggest they are.

Altogether, I I don't think any game would sell 30 or so percent on a Sony console, Sony's consoles don't "need" those kinds of games to survive, they have variety and quality and that's what Sony gamers like.
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