A Price Cut Will Allow The PS3 To Surpass The Xbox 360

PSXE writes: At the start of the PlayStation 3's lifespan, numerous arguments could be leveled against Sony's new machine. There weren't anywhere near enough games. At no point is the supposed amazing power of the system on display. The PlayStation Network has a loooong way to go and there's only a handful of content on the Store. The price was silly high. Blu-Ray hadn't become the accepted high-definition medium. There were even a bunch of people who absolutely despised the loss of rumble on the Sixaxis controller.

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Why dis3542d ago

Not if they're bored with the console a game player.

What do you guys do?

I Fold At HOME and watch movies I get from Netflix.

GiantEnemyCrab3542d ago

They are all working as part time fortune tellers.

Remember, he who lives by the crystal ball eats glass!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Or is it just a coincidence that you two always agree with each other and pat each others backs? Anyway I wonder if you said the same about the articles talking about a potential PS3 price cut and how useless it would be. Just wondering.

@Why DIS, you fold @ Home in your PC and watch movies from Netflix on your dedicated movie player, because you don't have a PS3.

GiantEnemyCrab3542d ago

Zuper: You see what you wanna see bro.. and it sounds like you have man lover on your mind. We both agreed the article is stupid fortune telling garbage.

I've stated many times the PS3 is one price-cut from topping 360 in sales. It was beating the 360 on a fairly regular basis before the Arcade dropped in price. I wouldn't go as far to write and article and proclaim it however.

MS could drop the price of it's systems again as well. Also, MS could be moving onto the next Xbox in a couple years and if Sony plans on relying on the PS3 it might be out spec'd by the new box.

It's an interesting game of chess they are playing. We own both so we're covered anyway.

rockleex3542d ago

Microsoft can move on to the next gen before the PS3 passes the 360... but that wouldn't matter.

What matters is which consoles this generation will pass the 100 million unit mark.

Its like a racer jumping the gun on a marathon race then halfway through he quits, just so he can proclaim he's ahead of the competition.

For one, he started the race before everyone else. Second, he quit before he even finished the race.

Why must they sell 100 million? Because that's what separates the good consoles from the legendary ones.

The Wii looks to become legendary pretty soon... although there's still not enough games I'm interested in on it. -_-

SL1M DADDY3542d ago

Is that really what it has come down to? Passing the 100 million mark? I'll tell you what makes a console great for me... Games. What makes a console a real winner of the console war? Games. If the console sells a 100 million yet has nothing but a handful of decent games and is riddled with shovelware then in my honest opinion, it is a failure. If a console sells 24 million and has a ton of great, genre defining games, then it is a success. I don't care about overall sales, I do care about games. Now, if I had stock in a company then yeah, maybe sales would count but since I don't and am just a simple gamer, I care about one thing... GAMES.

JeffGUNZ3542d ago

How can someone possibly predict that? How do these article get approved? You can only determine that data AFTER the price cut and MONTHS after a price-cute was done.

himdeel3542d ago are where it's at.

thats_just_prime3542d ago

*in a fake @ss jamaican voice* I'm leo I'm the the cousin of the b!ch that dont know what she's talkin about. and I'm telling you that the ps3 could sell 10 million units with no games. It will also sell 10 million by march *cough*of 07*cough*

The simple truth that ps3 fanboys on here keep hiding from is that the only way the ps3 can pass the 360 is if MS stops making them. By then the war will be over and no one will even care Didanyone care when the wii out sold the 1st xbox do you care that it hasnt out sold the ps2 yet ?

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belal3542d ago

this year its gonna be alan wake on 360, 21 other exclusives on ps3, but wii, im not sure ;)

aldesko3542d ago

Alan Wake is MIA unfortunately =(


I heard Alan Wake is Duke Nukem's younger brother.

Why dis3542d ago

I'v been looking for these 21 exclusives you guys keep talking about but the only game I know are coming in 2009 is Uncharted 2 and a few others like Ratchet and clank & InFamous

BaSeBaLlKiD7213542d ago

here's a start-

plus some other exclusives that arent listed in there

ZuperAmazingCooKie3542d ago

Massive Action Game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Quantum Theory. Who knows, perhaps Sony may give us WarDevil, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, DataFly and The Agency, but that would be too much perhaps. Sony needs to let their competitors breathe. No, but seriously, Sony may want to leave GT5 and GoW3 to polish them good for a March 2010 release. There are also the 3 Namco-Cellius games that recently re-surfaced and perhaps Rockstar will announce something. There are also other titles in the making.

Bnet3433542d ago

Zuper we're talking 21 exclusives this year. Sigma 2 is not really an exclusive. Data Fly is also coming to 360.

ultimolu3542d ago

Um...Kingmal, the Sigma series is exclusive to the PS3 so therefore it *is* an exclusive. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has extra things that Ninja Gaiden 2 doesn't have.

XDF3542d ago

Yea if you include craps that no one care about like Afrika and Flower.

callahan093542d ago

XDF, please don't berate Flower. Flower is better than all.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

"Zuper we're talking 21 exclusives this year. Sigma 2 is not really an exclusive. Data Fly is also coming to 360. "

Uh, no.

1. I never said there were 21 exclusives, only fanboys did.
2. Sigma 2 IS exclusive, just like Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and just like Ninja Gaiden 2 is exclusive to 360.
3. Data Fly is not confiremed to be coming to 360, so even if tommorrow you were right, as of now, you're wrong.

Kindly STFU

"Yea if you include craps that no one care about like Afrika and Flower. "

I would love to have Afrika and Flower in my game collection. You Xbox fanboys are so delusional that you think only the big FPS titles matter. That's why Xbox 360 will never get great niche titles because its fanbase is mostly testosterone full, angst filled teenagers, jocks and fratboys, and that's why these titles fail and yet you see the cheerleaders "OH BUT DOSE DONT MATER LOL!".

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N4PS3G3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

PS3 will beat the 360........................... ..says PlayStation Extreme.. duh! No sh!t!

uxo223542d ago

When will this sh!t ever end?

cryymoar3542d ago

Like the first half of 2008, even with the much higher price tag.
people WANT PS3's! But only settle for the xb360.

Apocalypse Shadow3542d ago

it took two price drops of 360 to outsell ps3.anyone that disbelieves this statement is fooling dropped the entry price of 360 below even Wii price twice last year.and then some more in some countries.

at the beginning of 2008,sony consistantly was outselling microsoft at $399 and $499.and when microsoft did win a month,it was by a few thousand in the states.but was countered by sony with worldwide sales of ps3.even right now,ps3 is outselling the low entry priced 360 in japan.

so even if 360 sold about 100 thousand more in america with npd last month,sony countered it with monthly japanese sales last month.and it's going to get worse when FFXIII demo comes out over ocean 4 did nothing and will be forgotten by the japanese like it was never there.

i could understand if ps3 was way behind in sales,but when you look at the worldwide numbers,they are not far behind microsoft.and microsoft has failed to sell 360 with wii numbers in can't have an advanced system like 360 being sold for less than the less advanced mean wii.

sony dropping the price to $299 will move that system.and the amount of exclusives sony has will move systems.we have not seen any 360 exclusives announced that are really that compelling.the sad part is microsoft is hoping to use create christmas sales and stay in the halo the only game the system has got to push sales?

gears 3 is unlikely to be coming out this year.and it seems unlikely that mass effect2 will stay exclusive this time.same with we got one halo game against the horde of ps3 exclusives this fall and a lower can't tell me that this is enough to stop ps3 advancement?and you can't tell me that gamers are willing to play the same franchise over and over with no new IPs on 360?

when ps3 price drops,and if the world economy holds,there is going to TURN OF EVENTS.


v1c1ous3542d ago

for ps3 to barely even match 360 sales :D

see? i can do it too!

Firstkn1ghT3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

The 360 has had 2 price cuts in 3 years. How many has the ps3 had??? ;)

HAHA sorry Vicious. I didn't scroll all the way down and see ur post. Guess you beat me to it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

The PS3 had only ONE price drop.

Highest spec model PS3: $599 to $499
Lowest spec model PS3: $499 to $399

Firstkn1ghT3542d ago

The ps3 only had one price cut??? LMAO!!!!!!!! What ever makes you sleep at night. Did you know that the ps3 had a price cut the day before the launch in Japan? I bet you didn't.

Oh man, so many people so misinformed on this site. So sad :/

Too_Hyped3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

PS3 had only one price cut, why do you think it's still priced so high ? Or do you think it was worth 100000 $ before ?

xabmol3542d ago

It had 3 price cuts, and only 3.

At launch it was $600. I bought my 60gBC for $500. Now they have 40g for $400.

That's 3 price drops at $100 each.

TheExecutive3542d ago

Ok... you cant call pricing at launch a price cut. They have had ONE f*cking pricecut on TWO different SKU's. Jesus, it isnt that hard people.

xabmol3541d ago

I was thinking price points.

So 2. Only 2 price cuts.

1 price cut for 2 SKU's is still a total of 2 price cuts for the PS3 console.

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